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About us

About us

Antho Zazueta


Also known as DJ Anthoz -Antho grew up on the Navajo Reservation and moved to Phoenix in 2002. He quickly found a passion for attending live music shows around the valley.In 2015 Antho began to attend events thrown by the late Rob Kwik.Rob, under the group name "Dirt Assasins" demonstrated the affect that a well curated and quality event can have on a community as well as individuals that attend.After Rob passed, Antho continued his work by facilitating and curating his own small gatherings in which he carried on Rob's passion.Antho and Cole first met at Saguaro man in 2016. They quickly formed a friendship. Their relationship continued to grow eventually finding themselves ready to enter the professional live sound industry in 2021.

With a logo inherited from Dirt Assassins and Rob Kwik: SoundMoverz strives to continue the Dirt Assassins legacy where ever sound and community intersect.

Cole Meskan


Cole moved to Arizona in 2008 and quickly fell in love with the desert.

In 2013 he attended a regional art & camping festival known as "Saguaro Man". It was at this event in Snowflake Arizona that he was drawn in by festival culture as well as a variety of new sounds.
He continued to seek out unique festival experiences, motivated by ways of experiencing sound, unique crowds and music from across the globe.In 2017 he finally attended Burning Man and was awestruck by the next level power and clarity the large sound systems produced on the massive dry lake bed known as 'Black Rock City'. After returning to Phoenix there was a void that simply couldn't be filled by house systems in local venues.Motivated by the drive to consistently experience the best quality of sound, he began assisting local stages at various venues and concerts across Arizona. After years of experience with various crews, systems and designs Cole teamed up with Antho to form SoundMoverz LLC in 2021.Today Cole & Antho deploy L Acoustics sound systems - which after many years of experience they find they prefer to experience themselves and share with crowds and events across Arizona.


SoundMoverz provides sound reinforcement and PA systems for audiences as few as 60 to as many as 2000.
We are proud to utilize a full L-Acoustics PA system in addition to large custom subwoofers. We specialize in hosting DJs, live musicians, bands etc.

We maintain a touring grade DJ booth 4x CDJ3000s/A9 including "Texas Headphones" monitors, wireless microphone systems, instrument mics and power distribution including 400A 3 phase solutions.

If you're looking to rent touring grade event equipment or are simply looking to book our services don't hesitate to contact us for an estimate!info@soundmoverz.com or click one of the social media links at the bottom of our site for additional ways to get in touch.

Previous live music events:

GreekFest '24 - ASU | for Matroda

Doordash corporate HQ | tempe

Saguaro Man '24 - Cochise az

M3F '24 - Hideout stage


Greek Fest '23 ASU | For DISCO LINES

FNKtion Freakshow 2023 - endgame | mesa

New Years eve 24 Orpheum theatre | flagstaff

Perry HS Prom '24 - Rawhide event center

Sol Awakening Festival | Playa Ponderosa

X Phoenix Pool Deck | Phoenix AZ

Mosaic Gathering '23 | Gateway ranch

HoriZEN festival '23 | Phoenix AZ

The FNKtion IV - club endgame | mesa

JUne jam 2022 | flagstaff AZ

Genesis Lake Jam '23 | Apache lake az

Genesis Lake Jam '22 | Apache lake AZ

sound sequence - club endgame | Mesa

Known for inventing the Line Array, the French manufacturer L-Acoustics continues to pioneer cutting edge concert sound technology which has become standard in worldwide touring act riders as well as state of the art stadiums and concert halls around the globe.www.l-acoustics.com

Our system can be scaled up or down according to layout and size required.L Acoustics speakers can be hung up high on rigging, safely locked together in a ground stack or even pole mounted in pairs of two for small and intimate events.

With Soundvision by L Acoustics:

We are able to map your space and digitally optimize a system that is appropriate for your event.


Actual deployment:

Louder isn't always better..

For the deployment below our client specified that they wanted guests to be able to easily talk to each other while keeping a strong presence of background music.We found a volume in which we felt to be ideal and planned for a quiet corner for group conversations around larger tables.We program everything before guests arrival to ensure sound levels are ideal without needing much soundcheck.40 ft x 70ft indoor office space.

Wellness is at the heart and soul of this company.The Founders & Team are fitness enthusiasts as well as lifestyle practitioners. We together hold the belief that health & wellness are the forefront to the evolution of consciousness. That principle continues to drive our innovation in the music and event sector.We are constantly seeking to partner with fitness facilitators as well as wellness/health coordinators from all backgrounds and training principles. Our team has the experience and passion within these fields and works closely with community leaders in Arizona to coordinate some of the best live wellness events in Arizona.

Previous Wellness events:

HoriZEN festival '23 - Phoenix AZ

June Jam festival - Flagstaff AZ

Genesis Lake Jam '23 - Apache lake az

HoriZEN festival '22 - Phoenix AZ